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About Ben

Ben Sonnenburg is an experienced, passionate personal trainer. Born with a debilitating disease known as hypermobile EDS, no one (including his doctors), gave him much of a chance to live an active or even normal life. Ben used that doubt as motivation and conquered his body's limitations through rotational strength training and corrective exercises. Now, after witnessing the transformative power of functional strength training, Ben has dedicated his life to spreading the lessons he’s learned, helping others with physical pain, ailments, disabilities, and sports conditioning. 

If you're suffering from a loss of motion, pain, disability, or just want to get in better shape, contact Ben today and get your first session 100% free!

In Person/Online Zoom Workouts: 

  • These workouts are held either in person or while I am instructing them via zoom live.

Bean’s Fitness Functional Strength Training - Look better, Feel Better, Live Better

At Beans Fitness, we implement modern functional strength training to get athletes operating at peak efficiency and help people with injuries or disabilities get their strength back.

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Functional Strength Training in Deerfield, IL

Functional strength training isn’t just about weights, reps, or gains. It’s about natural training movements designed specifically for your sport, injury, disability, and body, to optimize your physical conditioning and improve functional strength. Beans Fitness uses a variety of exercise methods and training regiments that are built uniquely for you.

Exercises include:

  • Bodyweight rotation exercises
  • Fundamental strength exercises
  • Exercises for rotational speed
  • Exercises for rotational strength
  • Rotational shoulder strength exercises
  • Torso rotation strength exercises

Beans Fitness provides functional strength training for multiple purposes or conditions like:

  • Off-season athlete training
  • Athletic injury prevention
  • Strength-rehabilitation
  • Recovery for joint conditions (Ehers-Danlos, Hypermobility, Joint Pain)
  • Improve functional living