Chronic Joint Pain Personal Training

Chronic problems are no easy fix

  • If you have had pain for a long time, our first response is that we are sorry and, at Bean’s Fitness, we are here for you. It can be difficult, frustrating, and excruciating especially as years may go by. 
  • If chronic pain has also been there for a long time­, it is going to take a long time to recover from it. It takes consistent long-term efforts to fix a long standing problem. 
  • Each problem is different and requires a different approach depending on where the pain is located.

Chronic pain is a lifelong battle, especially for those with Ehlers Danlos

  • The moment that you let up the fight, your body may start to have pain again. That is why it is essential to keep on training to help mitigate the pain. 
  • A personal trainer can provide the consistency, accountability, and encouragement on the days when training seems like the last thing you want to do.

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How Training Impacts Ehlers Danlos

  • Since the body does not have the connective tissues with EDS to maintain stability, the role falls to the muscles.
  • The muscles can provide much needed stability for the body and help to alleviate some of the joint pain by taking on the role of the connective tissues.
  • It can take time to build up strength, but after each training session a person should feel better and note a major benefit as the time goes on to their:
  • Activity level
  • Pain
  • Comfort
  • Posture
  • Stability
  • Power
  • Strength

What is Ehlers Danlos (EDS)?

EDS is a genetic condition which impacts the connective tissues in the body. Those tissues provide strength and elasticity for the body helping joints stabilize and provide stability for the skin.


Customer Review

Ben worked with me several years ago when I just needed to get this old body of mine working. He was patient. Careful about the health and medical issues. And encouraging. I recommend him highly.

- Lee Eclov