Functional Strength Training in Deerfield, IL

What is Functional Strength Training?

  • Functional Strength Training prepares you for doing the movements that are specific to you and strengthens your body for the motions that you perform every day. 
  • Functional Strength Training does NOT just focus on one muscle group at a time, but each workout involves many muscles that enhance your gait (walking pattern), posture, and activities that you like to participate in. 

Functional Strength Training vs. Traditional Strength Training

  • Traditional strength training often has exercises that are oriented in one plane of motion. This means that all the work you do will be in the same pattern– in the same way. 
  • Let me give you an example of this.  A bench press, bicep curl, and pull-ups are stock standard exercises in strength training.  These exercises are helpful, but only emphasize on building strength in one specific movement.  Since those exercises all move in the same plane of motion (the frontal plane) they miss out on lateral movements or rotational exercises.  Because of this, as soon as you do an activity that changes direction or requires strength in a lateral direction, your body is completely unprepared! 
  • This is where the power of Functional Strength Training comes in.  It allows you to build strength in different planes of motion and prepares your body for more challenges.    
functional strength training in deerfield il

Functional Strength Training is good for each person

Functional Strength Training has the ability to not just make you look good, but also make your specific goals much more achievable. 

If you are someone who just wants to work on:

This is the plan for you!

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What can I expect in a training session?

  • With each workout, you will be uniquely challenged to what your body needs.
  • Each exercise is specifically tailored to you. You can expect to feel better after each workout and learn to Be Fit.
  • You will be 1 on 1 with a trainer for an hour and will grow stronger with each session.  Though an hour seems like much, the pace is dictated by your activity level. 

Look better, feel better, live better – try Bean’s. 

Customer Review

Amazing trainer who works with you to make a plan that works for your life and your fitness goals!

- Marie Fossell