Certified Personal Trainer for Senior Citizensin Deerfield, IL

Had enough of trying different workouts, only to get frustrated with a trainer who doesn’t understand setbacks, health issues and chronic pain? You need Ben at Bean’s Fitness. 

Unlike other trainers who think they know what’s best for you, Ben actually listens to develop a plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

Don’t let disease, chronic pain, fear of injury or not having established a workout routine in younger years trick you into thinking you can’t or shouldn’t workout and make you miss out on your life due to decreased mobility. Bean’s Fitness provides personal training options tailored to your unique learning style, values and goals, helping seniors in Deerfield, Highland Park, Northbrook and across Northern Illinois overcome obstacles to achieving a fulfilling workout. 


Senior Workout Sessions for Northern IL residents

Working with Bean’s Fitness means finding comfortable and customized solutions to get your confidence back. With Ben, you can count on: 

  • A friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental environment
  • Clear communication adapted to your learning style
  • Sustainable, functional and fun exercises to improve your health and wellbeing 
  • A trainer who listens to your concerns and feedback to make working out work for you!

Ben will get to know your current fitness level, your personal health goals and your functional mobility goals, as well as any conditions, injuries, or muscle/joint issues you may have. Using his expansive fitness expertise, Ben will develop a customized training routine to meet your needs and preferences while improving your quality of life.

Ben’s Certifications: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 
  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • PN1 Precision Nutrition Coach 
  • Trained in Myokinematic Restoration by the Postural Restoration Institute 
  • 4+ Years of exercise training experience 

Senior Exercise Programs in Deerfield for Joint Pain Relief 

Though he’s not a senior yet, Ben Sonnenburg knows a thing or two about the challenges of intense chronic pain and reduced mobility. Ben fights Ehlers Danlos and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) with exercises adapted to beat his chronic joint pain, and he can help you beat your joint pain, too. 

If you’re a senior suffering from chronic or acute joint pain, Bean’s Fitness is the place to be. During your personal training sessions with Ben, you’ll focus on low impact exercises to: 

  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent injury 
  • Improve your range of movement
  • Increase your flexibility 

Whether you’re battling cancer or chronic disease, enduring Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis or Osteomalacia or dealing with swelling and cartilage breakdown, Ben will teach you the right exercises and safe, healthy methods to reduce your joint pain and get back to living. 

Balance, Strength and Mobility Training for Seniors in Lake and Cook Counties

Ben offers personal training sessions for balance, strength and mobility to senior clients from Wheeling, Riverwoods, Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. When you choose Bean’s Fitness for your senior personal training sessions to improve your balance, strength and mobility, there won’t be a cookie-cutter workout plan in sight. Ben will work one-on-one with you to develop practical and attainable goals according to your individual needs and preferences so you’ll make real progress you’ll be proud of. 

Work with Ben to:

  • Get your balance back to decrease fear and risk of slipping and falling 
  • Increase your strength so you can walk your dog, carry groceries, do yard work or hold your grandchildren 
  • Fight muscle loss and maintain more independence 

Private Workout Sessions for Weight Loss 

Getting older doesn’t have to mean inevitable weight gain and increased disease risk. Ben’s personal training sessions at Bean’s Fitness are specifically designed to help you maintain your best health to help prevent or better manage common weight-related health issues in seniors like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression, coronary artery disease and more. 

Ben’s customized training sessions will help you lose weight and keep it off to reduce stress on your joints, increase your endurance, boost your happiness and improve your overall health.


Bean’s Fitness is here to support you every step of the way.

Personalized Fitness Plans

Personalized Fitness Plans

After Ben assesses your current fitness level, health conditions, and weight loss goals, he designs a plan just for you. With safety as his top priority, he will guide you through exercises that are gentle on your joints while still providing an effective workout.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Bean’s Fitness is here to help you in more ways than one. Achieving weight loss isn’t just about staying active, it includes a healthy diet as well. Ben will assess your diet and help you make healthier choices that will support your weight loss goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Progress Tracking

Tracking your progress is essential in your weight loss journey. Not only does it help motivate you when you begin to see results, but it also helps keep you accountable. Ben will evaluate your progression and can make any necessary adjustments custom to your weight loss journey.

Benefits of the Bean’s Fitness Senior Weight Loss Program



Whether you prefer to workout in person or in the comfort of your home, the weight loss program is perfect for you. Flexible scheduling options are available, making it easier to incorporate regular exercise into your routine.

Improved Joint Health

Improved Joint Health

Bean’s Fitness’ low-impact exercises are designed to improve joint flexibility and minimize the likelihood of injuries, making daily activities easier and more enjoyable.

Decreased Risk of Injury

Decreased Risk of Injury

Due to Ben’s expertise in executing movements safely, he can monitor your form to guarantee correct performance of each exercise and to prevent injuries.

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance

You’ll never feel like you’re on your own with your weight loss journey. Ben will cheer your achievements on, but also be there for you during the challenges. You’ll learn alongside a certified personal trainer who specializes in senior fitness.

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Whether you’re a senior citizen with an active lifestyle looking to maintain your health, a senior wanting to ease joint pain or regain your strength, flexibility and mobility after a geriatric surgery or an adult 65 or older with a chronic health condition or a sedentary lifestyle, Ben is ready to develop a customized personal training plan to meet your unique goals and needs. Bean’s Fitness provides safe, certified and effective personal training sessions for senior citizens, older adults and retirees in Deerfield and throughout Lake and Cook counties in Illinois. 

Look better, feel better, live better – try Bean’s.