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Athletes are Unique

  • Athletes perform at very high levels of intensity, often giving it their all in a match. Whether it be sprinting down the track, cutting to grab a pass, or hitting a ball down the field each one is unique.
  • No sport has the same exact motions as the other which mean that athletes need to be trained specifically for each sport. If this does not occur, there may be a greater risk of injury.  Therefore, the athlete needs to be prepared for the scenarios they will face out on the field. 

Athletes Must be Prepared

  • Athletes need tailored exercises; a particular sport requires very precise movements that differs from other sports. A baseball athlete should do completely different training compared to a football athlete.
  • Injuries are far too common! Functional strength training can decrease the chances of receiving an injury because it helps to stabilize the body.  Then when the body is placed under difficult stress, the body can adapt much better.
  • Athletes face a lot of competition and often, spots are hard sought after on a team.  Athletes need to be specifically trained for each sport and having a trainer will provide the edge needed to not only surpass their peers, but truly stand out and perform at a much higher level.  



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This place is really good. The service was very kind and friendly and had very knowledgeable people in the gym. I recommend people to try this place out, and you should not be disappointed in the results and the people that run the gym. You will be in good hands!

- Charles Woodson