Certified Personal Training for Seniors in Northbrook, IL

Bean's Fitness takes pride in offering a comprehensive array of personalized personal training options specifically designed to suit your individual learning preferences, values, and fitness aspirations. We understand that every person is unique, and our primary mission is to assist seniors in overcoming various challenges, ensuring that they not only engage in regular exercise but also relish a truly fulfilling and rewarding workout experience. We help you conquer any obstacles that might be holding you back from achieving your fitness objectives.

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Certified Personal Trainer for Seniors in Northbrook IL

Online & In-Person Training Sessions

We provide both online and in-person training sessions to accommodate diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Personal training pricing

1 Hour Session


4 Sessions

$340$85 per session

10 Sessions

$825$82.50 per session

20 Sessions

$1,600$80 per session

40 Sessions

$3,000$75 per session

Semiprivate (2-4 people)

$60per person

First Responder Discount

$65per person

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Bean's Fitness is dedicated to offering seniors more than just a fitness routine; our goal is to empower you to lead a satisfying and active lifestyle. Our individualized training programs are carefully crafted to cater to your specific requirements, ensuring that your fitness journey is both enjoyable and safe, all while being highly effective. With the guidance of our seasoned professionals, you can successfully navigate the road to improved health, enhanced mobility, and an overall sense of well-being. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the favorable influence of fitness programs designed specifically for seniors.

Customer Review

Bean’s fitness is all about helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle and commit to a individualized plan to meet your dietary needs. Ben is a phenomenal instructor, and leads his sessions with a kind heart and wise approach to accomplishing your personal weight loss/exercise goals. Thanks Ben!

- Cameron W.