Personal Tennis Training in Deerfield, IL

tennis personal training in deerfield il

Training for Tennis is far more than just drills

  • Don't misunderstand, drills are designed to help you develop the skills needed for playing tennis better.  They provide coordination, stability, and practice that leads to forming great habits while playing.  
  • Tennis training should also involve a focus on building strength, stability and power, specifically in the right motions. Without these you can lose a lot of potential.
  • One example is performing a landmine press. The exercise teaches the shoulder blade (scapulae) to rotate upwards in a controlled fashion (incorporating stability) without compensating, which could pose a greater risk to injury.  This also builds strength in your overhead motions and gets you used to having your arm up in the air while under a greater load.  Then, when you perform an overhead serve, you can have a better capability to serve far smoother and better. This strength in serving is achieved by using the correct muscles, instead of over arching the lower back, or using inactive and improperly trained muscles.  

Tennis Training helps you stand out

There is a lot of competition in tennis because it is a sport focused on the individual, not a team sport.  Therefore, the more coordination you can bring to the game, the better you will be able to beat the competition and be seen as the head in your class.  

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