Certified Personal Training for Seniors in Lincolnshire, IL

Bean's Fitness is committed to promoting health, vitality, and strength at all stages of life. Our specialization lies in creating personalized training programs for seniors in Lincolnshire, with a focus on improving strength, mobility, and overall well-being. Whether your goal is to manage joint pain, achieve weight loss, or simply lead a more active lifestyle, our customized approach ensures that you can thrive in your golden years.

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Certified Personal Training for Lincolnshire Seniors

Online & In-Person Training Sessions

We provide both online and in-person training sessions to accommodate diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Personal training pricing

1 Hour Session


4 Sessions

$340$85 per session

10 Sessions

$825$82.50 per session

20 Sessions

$1,600$80 per session

40 Sessions

$3,000$75 per session

Semiprivate (2-4 people)

$60per person

First Responder Discount

$65per person

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Bean's Fitness is more than just a gym; we're dedicated to empowering seniors to live active and fulfilling lives. Our tailored training programs are meticulously crafted to align with your unique requirements, ensuring that your fitness journey is not only effective but also enjoyable and safe. With our expert guidance, you can embark on a transformative journey toward improved health, enhanced mobility, and overall well-being. Join us and discover the positive influence of fitness tailored specifically for seniors.

Customer Review

Ben is great! Very stand-up guy, always encouraging and very helpful. He's been my fitness coach for about 30 days now and my knees and ankles have been improving a lot! I used to dread working my 8 hour shifts because my feet would be in so much pain. Ben helped me to stick with a routine to improve muscle strength in my standing muscles. Can't recommend him enough! Thanks Ben!

- Nick