Off Season Sports Performance Training in Deerfield, IL

off season sports training in deerfield il


The body needs time to recuperate

Over the course of a season problems can arise in

  • Mobility: Generating too much mobility is often just as much of a problem. In the final or end ranges of a movement, an athlete can hyperextend past where they should, and is one of the biggest reasons for injury.
  • Power: Your power can start to decline or stagnate with the demands the season has
  • Strength: Is often put on hold in the season in order to maintain performance especially with all the times an athlete competes. Instead of trying to grow stronger, you need to seek to maintain high levels of performance without stagnation.
  • Neuromuscular control: If there is no training in the offseason, your body will not be as accustomed to the movements needed in your sport and not be as ready for when the season starts again.
  • Mental fortitude: Competing a lot can become very tiresome and no matter who an athlete is, they need time to rest. One of the biggest reasons for not doing multiple sports in high school is because it can become quite draining. 

Without off season training, Injuries may occur more

When an injury occurs, an athlete is taken out of the sport entirely and, depending on the injury, it can take 12 weeks for them to fully recover. Often, you will not be at the same level of strength as before and sadly, most of the season will be over.  

Customer Review

Really knows his stuff! Initially went in to help an ankle injury but ended up getting my own personal workout plan from ben that i felt confident enough to do on my own.

- John Conatser