Personalized Weight Loss Program

 Weight loss requires 4 main things in order to be successful Long-term

  1. Consistency
    • Without learning to be consistent there can be no lasting change. Why go through the effort to look good over a course of 6 months only to lose it, or are left scratching your head because you feel like you are not making any improvements.  Consistency is a clear indicator for those who lose the weight and those who keep it off.
  2. Nutrition
    • Nutrition is said to account for 70% of changes that the body can make in aiding weight loss. Getting results is not just about focusing on training.  If dietary changes are not made in your life, there will be little to no improvement in your weight loss goals. 
    • There is also a TON of misinformation out there and questions that you may be bombarded with like:
      • What diet plan do it follow?
      • How many calories do I eat in a day?
      • How much protein, carbs and fat do I need to eat?
      • Do I need to follow a mentally exhausting nutrition guideline?
      • Do I have to give up sweets altogether?
    • At Bean’s Fitness, we answer all of these questions and make the process simple. If you are interested in learning more about nutrition, click the link here to take you to our nutrition page. 
  1. Functional Training
    • Functional Training can help build muscle which is very important in weight loss. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest.  So, while you sleep at night, you are actually burning off more fat than someone else who doesn’t have as much muscle. 
    • Functional training is superior compared to normal training or bodybuilding.  Normal methods focus on one body part at a time which requires less energy to perform the movements.  Since less energy is being used, the body uses fewer calories and muscles in the movement.  Functional training uses more muscles and calories in the exercises.  Though it may be more difficult, more muscles will become visually appealing and results will be gained faster because more calories are being used due to more energy needed to be expended.  
  2. Enjoyment
    • This fourth aspects may come as a surprise, but if you do not enjoy the consistency, nutrition, and training then there will not be long lasting changes. At some point you will stop if the outcome is the only goal.
    • At Bean’s Fitness we will help you enjoy the process and make healthy habits that are fun.  Losing weight should not be like pulling teeth, but rather going for a nice drive on a cool summer day.  It should be quite enjoyable.

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